Putting your best foot forward

Any company operating on the island of Ireland is invited to submit. Entries are invited from any department within the company – both individual and group/team entries are accepted.

The entry process is straightforward – each category requires a freeform narrative which the judges will assess along the lines shown here.

To catch the eye of the Judges, include references such as:

  • Distinct competitive advantages or new customer wins
  • Marketing campaigns with measurable results
  • New product launches or developing partnerships
  • Any evidence of enhancing your customers’ business in bringing them new competitive advantages in their business
  • Key appointments to the executive team or board of directors
  • Any reference to upskilling and training programmes for staff
  • Mergers or acquisitions or new investment capital incorporated in the business
  • Individual achievements or independent company awards local or international
  • The Awards reflect business conducted from January to December 2023


The project of the year categories reward excellence in delivering an outstanding application of business technology. The winners will show a thorough understanding of their clients’ business needs, competitive threats and the market dynamics in which they operate.

The main categories identify outstanding players who demonstrate long-term vision in building and financing sustainable business growth.

Applicants are asked to cover in their submission: strategic vision, demonstrated excellence of products and services with clear client outcomes, marketing & innovation, sales & business development, customer care, professional development of staff.

If you have any questions, or simply wish to ensure you are completing the entry correctly, please contact us.

Entering the Tech Excellence Awards will not alone help you focus on reviewing best business practice, it is a badge of honour just to make it to the shortlist in any category.

The Awards are selected by a distinguished panel of judges, and are recognised as the principal professional accolades awarded in the Irish technology industry.


When preparing an entry, it’s crucial to address various aspects of your technology (solution/service) to showcase its innovation, impact, and potential. Here are some questions you might consider addressing for your entry;

Introduction and Overview:
What is the name of your technology?
Can you provide a brief overview of your technology and its purpose?

Innovation and Uniqueness:
What sets your technology apart from existing solutions?
How does your technology incorporate innovative features or approaches?

Problem Statement:
What problem or challenge does your technology address?
How significant is this problem, and what are the implications of solving it?

Development Process:
Can you describe the development process of your technology?
What were the key milestones or breakthroughs during development?

Technology Description:
How does your technology work? Provide technical details.
What are the core components or technologies utilised in your solution?

Benefits and Impact:
What are the main benefits or advantages of your technology?
How does your technology positively impact its users or stakeholders?

User Experience:
How user-friendly is your technology?
Have you conducted any usability testing or user studies?

Scalability and Adaptability:
Is your technology scalable? How does it handle increased usage or demand?
Can your technology be adapted to different environments or applications?

Performance and Results:
What measurable results or achievements have you attained with your technology?
Have you conducted any performance testing or evaluations?

Market Potential:
What is the market potential for your technology?
Have you identified target industries or sectors for deployment?

Competitive Analysis:
How does your technology compare to existing or competing solutions?
What advantages does your technology have over competitors?

Future Plans:
What are your future plans for the development or enhancement of your
Do you have any strategic partnerships or collaborations in place?

Testimonials and Endorsements:
Do you have any testimonials or endorsements from users, clients, or
industry experts?

Ethical and Legal Considerations:
Have you considered any ethical or legal implications of your technology?
How do you ensure data privacy and security?

Why do you believe your technology deserves to win this award?
Is there any additional information you would like to provide?

These questions should help you craft a comprehensive entry that effectively showcases your technology (solution / service) for the award. Tailor your responses to highlight the unique aspects and strengths of your technology, emphasising its innovation, impact, and potential for success.

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